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Danielle H.

FHM's meal plans are wonderfully versatile. You can use them as is or put a few tweaks on them and make them your own! The recipes are simple, easy, and use normal panty staples. I find myself using 1-3 recipes weekly and then going back to older recipes often - and I am the pickiest of eaters! PSA: Make the Cottage Cheese Alfredo - you will not regret it!

Apryl C.

The weekly meal plans have been awesome! Little to know thinking is involved - you have sample menus (with calorie options), recipes, macros, and directions all in one place. The recipes are AMAZING and always family friendly! They are also easy. It's a total win for helping keep macro counting easy-peasy!

Crystal B.

I have really enjoyed using the Meal Plans and included recipes to help me reach my goals. The “what’s for dinner?” Question has always been my nemesis and having something prepared and laid out for me for the week has been a real game changer. The plan and recipes give me inspiration and I can easily customize them to my needs.

Lauren C.

OMG, I just have to rave about the skillet lasagna recipe! I love lasagna but not how time consuming the real deal is so this recipe is a game-changer. It's seriously so easy and taste amazing! I love that the ingredients are simple pantry staples and that I don’t have to make a sauce from scratch. The ricotta on top is really nice so that it’s not too overpowering. I've already made it twice already and every time it's a hit with my family. I honestly can't believe how delicious and easy this recipe is. If you're a lasagna lover like me, you have to try it!

Easy, Macro-Friendly Recipes!

cottage cheese alfredo
chicken taquitos
banana bread
chocolate baked oats

Meal Planning Made Easy

Weekly Macro Recipes

What's so good about being a member?

Macro Monthly Membership Benefits

You'll have access to a minimum of 3 exclusive recipes per week! All our recipes are macro-friendly, simple to make, and delicious! Plus, you’ll get access to our entire library of ever-expanding recipes, all of which are pre-logged in the most popular tracking apps for you!

Comprehensive, Printable Weekly Meal Plans

We show you how to take each week’s new recipes and put them together into a full week of eating delicious, macro-balanced meals! 

Weekly Grocery Lists

Check off what grocery items you have and go grab the ones you need to set yourself up for a week of successful eating. Head to the grocery store with a plan!

Sample Macro Days

Not sure how to fit our recipes into a day's worth of eating? We’ll show you how with two different sample days with different macronutrient needs. All you need to do is tweak them to fit your numbers!

Printable, Easy-to-Follow Recipe Cards

Print off your recipes or pull them up from your phone or computer and watch how easy it is to put them together! We even include step-by-step images so you can ensure you’re on the right track.


No one wants to feel like they’re alone on their journey! You’ll get access to our exclusive Monthly Macro Membership community where you can connect with us, the FHM Team, and other members who share similar goals.

Subscribe today and get 3 new recipes per week.

Becoming a member gives you access to 3 new recipes per week + a sample weekly meal plan.

FHM Active Membership App

fhm active app

The Benefits

Strategic Strength Training Programs

Every FHM Active workout is designed to help you get stronger, leaner, and more confident. We utilize progressive overload principles to make sure you’re training intelligently and effectively.

4-Week (Monthly) Training Blocks

Every 4 weeks, you will get a fresh set of workouts.

5 Workouts Per Week

Each week, you will have 5 workouts on your calendar (2 upper, 2 lower, and 1 full-body). The full-body workouts are optional.

Comprehensive Training App

Log and track your progress with ease inside our easy-to-use training app.

Video Demonstrations For Every Exercise

We don’t just tell you what to do, we show you how to do it with form videos & written instructions for every movement.

Designed for Home or Gym

All FHM Active workouts are designed to be used at home with minimal equipment (dumbbells, bands, elevated surface), but can easily be used in a gym setting as well.


All FHM Active members will have access to a group/community thread inside the app to share wins, ask questions of your trainer, and interact with others who are on a similar journey and working toward similar goals.

tami holding medicine ball

Subscribe today and get 5 workouts per week!

Becoming an FHM Active member gives you access to 4 week training blocks and new workouts every month!

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